About Done By Nine

We're a leading digital agency

We're trusted and authoritative in digital marketing & transformation and we connect businesses to a range of digital solutions.

Our Mission

🚀 We're on a mission to become a leading New Zealand digital brand, known for transforming businesses to do better with digital.

Better digital marketing, digital automation and digital growth, before your morning coffee.
It's in our name.

Our Team

We're building a team of the brightest, strategic & creative digital minds

Jordan McFadyen

Founder & Director

Chelsea Sait

Digital Marketing Manager

James Donald

Digital Strategist

Jacqueline McFadyen

Business Development
Our Values

Sharp & Insightful
We are hungry learners. We understand the world of digital and how a business can grow with it. We turn businesses data into insights to create better roadmaps towards growth and possibilities.

Honest & Reliable
We are there when businesses need us and know when a business doesn't. We're not all "sell, sell and more sell".

Strong & Candid
We are direct, clear, frank and sincere. We don't sugar coat our work. If something doesn't work, we don't hide away, we find out why.

Accessible & Helpful
We know digital and we share our intelligence. We don't hold back: if there is a way for us to help, we help. We always listen and always challenge.

Creative & Innovative
We are always searching for creative ways to solve business problems, using digital products at their core.