A piece of the story.

Better digital marketing strategies which lead to business growth before your morning coffee. It’s in our name.

Founded in 2020 by Jordan McFadyen after 10+ years in the industry, Done By Nine started as a side-hustle to fulfil a passion for digital marketing and business transformation strategies right at his kitchen table. With a young family with four children, the youngest two being below the age of 5 and oldest two at school at the time –Done by Nine actually derives from the household’s morning routine.

Working on accelerating the capabilities of local businesses within the digital sphere, Jordan’s kitchen table saw him begin to build the perfect recipe for businesses, small and large, to generate new leads and sales. And, ultimately accelerate the power of digital for their business… all before your morning coffee – and, before the kid’s morning school bell at nine.

I think you’ll soon start to see that the recipe’s secret ingredient is coffee!

So, with that in mind, Jordan’s wife, Jac and him settled on a name inspired by the morning routine that powered the beginnings of the business – Done By Nine.

Not to mention, their love for a morning brew.

Our People

Jordan McFadyen

Director & Founder

Jacqueline McFadyen

Operations & Co-Founder

Renee Landers

Creative Director

Alexandra Sharp

Strategic Director

Aarti Desai

Strategic Marketing Lead

Flynn Beeman

Marketing Coordinator

Our values.

We value individuality, humour, innovation and data at the core of our team. As a team we are….

Approachable & Insightful

We get to know our clients’ and their businesses to their core. We are easy-going and thrive in building genuine relationships with everyone we meet.

Creative & Innovative

We experiment with fresh ideas and outside the square thinking. We stay ahead of industry evolutions, to remain the leaders in our industry.

Passionate & Reliable

Our passion for what we do is unmistakable and unshakable. We are there when businesses need us – delivering what we say we’re going to.

Awards & Recognition

TSB Taranaki Chamber Of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

Brand & Marketing Excellence – Highly Commended

TSB Taranaki Chamber Of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

New & Emerging Business Excellence – Highly Commended

Nine questions, three minutes later, you’ll be on your way toward gaining greater clarity with your marketing.

Nine questions, three minutes later, you’ll be on your way toward gaining greater clarity with your marketing.

From there, we’ll be in touch to better understand what you’re looking for and to confirm (on both sides) that the fit is right.

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