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Digital Marketing

Search Yourself: A Beginners Guide to Google My Business

January 13, 2021

Let’s start with getting your businesses Google search footprint up to scratch. I’m guessing you want your business to look it’s best, right?

Before you really start investing in your marketing, you want to be sure that you won’t get found in your stubbies and jandals, if you want be found in your suit and tie.

Jump on Google

We’re starting off nice and easy.

Spend 15 minutes searching for yourself on Google – how do you appear?

You should see your ‘Google My Business Listing’ (the box on the right hand side which contains the details of your business).

If you don’t see it, then stop everything and set up an account – this is prime Google real estate that you don’t have to pay for!

I’ll wait right here while you do it.

Optimise Yourself

Now check that you’ve optimised your listing correctly.

Google often make changes to the info that you’re allowed to include in your profile, so if you haven’t logged in for a while, chances are there will be blanks which you need to fill in.

At a minimum, ensure your address, contact number, email and opening times are filled in.

Obviously, these need to be correct and filling in these details correctly is what gives you an advantage when someone Googles your product or service, while in your location.

Primary Category

When you’re filling in your contact details, pay special attention to your primary category.

This carries a lot of Google weight.

Make sure this fits your business and be strategic. If you’re not sure what to choose, take a look at your direct competitors to get ideas on what primary industry you should select.

Make a Post

Explore the post section.

Posts are a great way of taking up more space on Google and each post lasts for 7 days, so you only need to post once per week! Ideal!

Post a deal, event, new product or just some news on you or your business.

Quick Vanity Check

Explore the ‘Photos’ section.

Make sure your pictures are up to date and the cover image clearly conveys you and your businesses product or service.

Ensure your team photos aren’t from the summer of 2008, when you were rocking that Hawaiian shirt at the bad taste Christmas party.

Click to Message

Lastly, take a look at the ‘Messaging’ option.

Simply download the iPhone or Android app, connect the app to your Google My Business account and just like that customers can message you directly from their mobile Google search, straight to your phone!

Small changes will make a big impact to your digital footprint. I’d encourage you to try and tackle these tasks before your next coffee break. Should only take an hour!

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