Stop Relying On ChatGPT to Write Your Content (Do This Instead)

Listen to the podcast or read the edited transcript below: Businesses and organisations are still using ChatGPT to write all of their content. Copy and paste, done and dusted, too easy. Despite so many conversations and warnings about over-relying on AI tools for content creation, businesses still heavily depend on ChatGPT, which poses risks to brand […]

Is Google Search Still Valuable for Your Business?

Listen to the podcast or read the edited transcript below: Have you ever wondered what value Google Search will bring your business in the coming months and years? Consider this: Could it be that Google search, a staple in your strategy, might hold a different weight in the future due to the Search Generative Experience? […]

Marketing Scenario Planning: What Levers Should You Pull When You Face A Challenge?

As marketers we face challenges daily – but a common mistakes we see businesses and marketing teams make it facing these challenges with a reactive mindset.

Low site traffic, lead quality, creative not converting – the list of challenges goes on and differs between businesses. So how can we remain agile in the face of these challenges – while also sticking to our marketing strategy?

In this podcast we’ll cover how small tweaks can lead to significant impacts and keep your marketing afloat and ahead in the game. Together, we’ll learn how you can turn challenges into opportunities with the right moves while introducing you to our ‘Agile Marketing Strategy Board’.

How to Master Your Q4 Marketing Strategy

Q4 can be an overwhelming experience for business owners and marketing teams.

The stakes are incredibly high with the holiday season, peak gifting, and a rise in consumer activity.

So today, I’ll walk you through a structured roadmap for effectively managing your marketing strategies during this critical period.

From leveraging and building an audience in preparation for Black Friday to optimising ad costs and focusing your metrics on reach, sales and conversions.

I’ll offer some actionable insights to alleviate stress and set your business up for a solid end to the calendar year.

Google’s Search Generative Experience. What Does it Even Mean?

Search Generative Experience – what does this even mean?

This is one of those topics that sounds confusing and over your head – but when you dive in and explore how search engines, like Google, are adapting you’ll soon start to realise that small changes to your marketing strategy could set you up well for the AI-driven future of search engine marketing.

Today we’ll chat about the small steps you should be taking now to ensure you’re setting your business up to thrive in a ‘new search’ world.

How Done By Nine Maximises a CRM for Marketing Success

Wasted resources and missed revenue opportunities could be hurting your business, but you may not have a clue that it’s hurting you, if you’re not using a strategic CRM.

Today, we’ll take you step by step through Done By Nine’s exact CRM process of how we both market to, onboard and service new and existing clients, using a CRM.

You’ll get an understanding of we automate tasks, keep track of our key marketing campaigns and social media and ensure the CRM helps us stay on track towards hitting our marketing goals and overall marketing strategy.

How To Streamline And Maximise Your Content Distribution

You’ve spent time, resources and budget into creating new content, to then only use that content once, not see results and move on to the next shiny object.

It’s a content recipe for disaster.

So today I’ll share how we’ve built a clearer roadmap with our content distribution strategy so that it doesn’t feel disjointed and cluttered, plus allows us to create evergreen content that remains relevant and allows us to reshare and redistribute forever.

Thread Lightly: How to Choose the Right Platforms for Your Business

Threads’ has suddenly jumped on the scene (even quicker than Meta were anticipating), but is this simply another case of shiny object syndrome?

Because it’s popular, does that mean your business suddenly pivots your strategy and jumps on the bandwagon?

In this article we’ll look at how to determine what platforms your business should focus it’s marketing efforts on, along with a look into the positives and risks of adapting your strategy today, to include the shining new social platform, ‘Threads’.

How Data Privacy is Shaping the Future of Marketing

Are you confident about understanding data privacy and how it influences your business’s marketing strategy?

It’s important you understand. The world of marketing data is ever-evolving, and with ongoing changes concerning online privacy, you might be left scratching your head about what that means for your business and your strategy.

On today’s podcast, we’ll take you through the labyrinth of online privacy and cookies, their role in marketing, and the concerns they raise.

We’ll then explore how online privacy policy changes can impact your marketing approach and I’ll give you some insight into strategies to thrive in a seemingly cookie-less world.

Learn From History: How Winning Brands Kept Winning During a Recession

Netflix, Starbucks, Amazon, and Airbnb have thrived during economic downturns, history tells us that downturns are not just about survival but can also be growth opportunities in certain areas of your strategy.

On today’s podcast, we’ll learn from these companies and what history tells us about how to adapt our strategies alongside changing consumer behaviours.

We’ll look at becoming customer-centric, and flexible and focusing on creating unique value propositions while demonstrating the importance of adaptability and innovation with your current marketing strategy.

And by adapting your strategy through understanding and meeting consumer needs during tough times, you could emerge stronger when the economy recovers.

Nine questions, three minutes later, you’ll be on your way toward gaining greater clarity with your marketing.

From there, we’ll be in touch to better understand what you’re looking for and to confirm (on both sides) that the fit is right.

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