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Digital Marketing

Design Is The Silent Ambassador For Your Brand

May 19, 2022

Have you ever heard the quote ‘design is the silent ambassador for your brand’?

It’s one of my favourite ways to explain to our clients the true importance of branding and how it can be utilised as your very own brand advocate.

Have you ever stopped to think about the role that digital design actually plays?

Branding can be one of the most common things I see that’s either overlooked or undervalued in a business.

When we think of business strategy, we think “how do we maximize ROI?” or, “how do we increase revenue?” But, have you ever stopped to think about the role that digital design actually plays in getting you there?

We like to remind our clients that great, well-thought-out design does more than just help make your brand and content look nice. It’s also the best way to boost your marketing efforts.

Think digital display advertising, ad campaigns, lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, web design and social media marketing. By building the right brand story and visual identity for your target audience, not only will you attract attention to your marketing BUT it can also increase the quality of your messaging, influence conversions, and improve your return on investment.

The average person’s attention span online is only 8 seconds.

That’s a small window to gain their attention, communicate your message, and ultimately convert that person into a customer. That’s exactly why your marketing needs to employ good design.

In the current marketing climate and the pressure for businesses to ‘go digital’, there are so many brands competing for attention online. 

This means that design is becoming more important to businesses than ever before—It’s one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Bottom Line—Good design will help you stand out.

It creates a dialogue with your target audience, tells your story, solves problems, boosts awareness and most importantly it forms the basis of your relationship with your customers. Above all, your digital design efforts for your brand are the best way to show your audience who you are and what you stand for. 

Steven Bradley said it well when he said:

“Human beings have an attractiveness bias; we perceive beautiful things as being better, regardless of whether they actually are better. All else being equal, we prefer beautiful things, and we believe beautiful things function better.”

Your brand becomes the shortcut for customers to make an instant assumption about what you do, and how you are positioned in the market.  First impressions really do matter—simple as that!

With that in mind, design really is the silent ambassador for your brand. If you only have 8 seconds of someone’s attention online, what does your digital design currently say about you?

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