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Digital Marketing

Done By Nine: A Piece Of The Story

July 16, 2021

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Quarterbank, Done By Nine is here!

What’s the story behind the name – Done By Nine?

We’ve never really talked about our brand name a whole lot… and we really should because it’s a big part of what drives us over here at Done By Nine (and it will help give some reference to our new look!) 

Better digital marketing, digital automation and digital growth, before your morning coffee. It's in our name.

With a young family with four children, my youngest two being below the age of 5 and my oldest two at school – Done by Nine actually derives from my household's morning routine. 

Done By Nine started as a side-hustle to fulfil a passion for digital marketing and business transformation strategies right at my kitchen table. Working on accelerating the capabilities of local businesses within the digital sphere, my kitchen table saw me begin to build the perfect recipe for businesses, small and large, to generate new leads and sales. And, ultimately accelerate the power of digital for their business… all before your morning coffee – and, before the kid’s morning school bell at nine.

I think you’ll soon start to see that the recipe’s secret ingredient is coffee!

So, with that in mind, Jac and I settled on a name inspired by the morning routine that powered the beginnings of our business – Done By Nine. Not to mention, my wife and I have a love for a morning brew.

At the end of last month, we started a new chapter in our adventure. Done By Nine opened a new collaborative office right in the heart of the Quarter Bank precinct in central New Plymouth.

As a team, we’ve created our new creative and digital marketing hub inside 2 renovated shipping containers, originally built as temporary shops after the Christchurch earthquakes. It seemed the natural fit for what our brand stands for, and fits nicely as part of Done By Nine’s story. From the dining room table, to a renovated and recycled shipping container in the heart of the city.

Surrounded by some super creative and truly epic neighbours like Crystal Cylinder, Bleached Coffee & Company, Billow Bakey, The Barre with Amie Energy and The Jewel and the Jeweller – this spot had us sold!

We’ve spent the past few weeks making this little container our own with the help of some awesome local businesses and we look forward to having you pop in and say hi… and join us for a coffee!

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