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Digital Marketing

Four LinkedIn Power Tips to Benefit Your Business

October 27, 2021

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LinkedIn — home to the largest global community of professionals, with over 774 million members across 200 countries and voted the most trusted social media site, according to Business Insider Intelligence.

Every day, social media is becoming increasingly littered with fake news and misinformation — now more than ever, users are wanting to consume authentic content from trusted and reliable sources. 

Unlike its competitors, LinkedIn is a credible resource for professional services — users come to LinkedIn to invest time, not waste it. They use the platform to advance their careers, grow their professional networks and learn.

As a result, brands that advertise on LinkedIn are seen as professional, trusted, intelligent, and of higher quality than when advertising on other popular social media platforms. 

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is your most powerful tool, and when used correctly, can significantly increase your online presence. If you’re a business that markets to other businesses, offers professional services, or wants to attract high-quality talent, now’s the time to add LinkedIn to your core marketing mix. 

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LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for Business

Here are four ways you can leverage the power of this platform to benefit your business:

1. Your LinkedIn company page

Like any social media platform, your company page represents your business. If you don’t have a company page for your business, create one. If you do, make sure it has relevant, up-to-date information on it. If you are a B2B company or provide products and/or services to other businesses, use your company page to highlight and promote this. If not, use your page to tell your brand story and share key business updates or milestones (to increase brand awareness), and promote your people and internal culture (to attract talent).

Turn your staff into brand ambassadors. Create an internal program to guide employees in improving their LinkedIn profiles and encourage them to regularly engage with company posts — this will help expand your company’s network and overall reach. LinkedIn even has a handy button above each post that allows page admins to notify listed employees when updates are made to the company page, too easy!

2. LinkedIn Marketing Content 

While cross-posting the same content on multiple platforms works for some platforms, the same can’t always be said when recycling content from other channels on LinkedIn. What works on Facebook, is not necessarily going to work in the same format on Linkedin. Why? Because the audiences and their behaviour are totally different. Unlike other social media channels, users come to LinkedIn with a business-oriented mindset, so it’s important to deliver professional value to them through the content you publish. 

Think of it as ‘putting your best (professional) foot forward’. LinkedIn is essentially an online resume, a way for individuals and companies to build credibility and boost their reputation amongst the professional community. Would you bring memes or pics from Friday night drinks to a job interview? 

That’s not to say that you can’t share similar updates or posts that you have on your other channels, but when doing so, you need to first consider whether the post is appropriate for the audience and if so, you need to tailor the content to suit the way that LinkedIn users expect to consume it.

For most social channels, being active and posting frequently is key. When it comes to posting on LinkedIn however, quality is generally more important than quantity. Instead of trying to post multiple posts on LinkedIn every week, take time to create one strong, insightful piece of content per week e.g. a video, blog or thought-piece.

Embrace #hashtags. Yeah, they get a bit of bad rap BUT when used properly they do work, particularly on LinkedIn. They can help users discover your content and connect you with members that may be interested in your company. Just make sure you don’t overboard — keep them relevant and professional.

3. Your People 

As mentioned, professionals come to LinkedIn to cultivate conversation and business relationships, and invest time in learning from thought leaders. Given that your employees are your biggest ambassadors, and are at the heart of your business, you should encourage them to build their personal brands on LinkedIn, through thought-leadership style content. This helps to promote your people as subject matter experts and helps your business build authority in your respective areas of expertise. 

To help them boost their individual profiles on LinkedIn, create a framework and guidelines for posting content, and where necessary supply them with imagery and any key messages for business updates. Encouraging them to share company content, and sharing their job related content to the company page, will help increase your reach.

4. Targeting on LinkedIn

Wanting to reach people based on seniority, job function or title? With LinkedIn’s targeting capability, you can reach all your stakeholders and segment your ads to your ideal audience. You can also install the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website, to unlock valuable insights about your website visitors. The LinkedIn Insight Tag allows you to track conversions, remarket to your website visitors, and see additional insights about LinkedIn users who interact with your ads.

LinkedIn is a beast, and shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to social media marketing. Having a well-thought-out strategy for the platform as well as embracing these four power tips will help lift your brand’s online presence, and have a noticeable impact on your overall marketing efforts.

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