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Revealed: How to Increase Instagram Engagement 2021

September 12, 2021

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Instagram Engagement Report 2021

If you’re using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business, you know that it’s more than simply a platform for sharing ‘insta-worthy’ pictures  – it’s a powerful tool for growing your brand and cultivating an audience in the digital sphere.

And, one of the key ingredients? Engagement, engagement, engagement!

So, what is the hit list when it comes to nailing Instagram Engagement in 2021? 

We recently got our hot little hands on the ultimate Instagram Engagement Report 2021. Mention and HubSpot (two absolute trailblazers when it comes to the Social Media and Marketing world) have teamed up to analyse over 100 million public posts from a million users (YES! You read that right), to determine the key trends and shifts in Instagram user engagement for 2021.

Wondering what they are? You’re not alone. BUT, we know that not all of us have the time to go through a report from over 100 million public posts from a million users (YES! You read that right again...) That’s why we’ve done the reading for you!

We’ve straightened our glasses, sharpened our pencils, got the notepad ready and poured a fresh cup of coffee (of course)... all to bring you our key findings from the report. 

So, let’s dive in!

Let’s start with a bit of an Overview to ease you in, yeah?

The report gave some super valuable insights. Of course, like everything, they need to be taken with a grain of salt as engagement trends will differ by your audience, so not every trend will necessarily align with your brand. HOWEVER, by understanding the latest shifts and insights, you can review your current strategy, or at least dabble in the new insights and trends to see whether they work for you.

Now, let’s get down to business with these Key Findings.

Quick Instagram Engagement Wins (that actually blew us away!):

CAPTIONS: Stressing over writing your caption? (admit it, we all do!) Here’s the sweet spot for caption lengths to gain the most engagement: 500–1,000 and 1,000–2,000 character ranges. 

POST TYPE: Carousel posts went head-to-head with Single Image posts and Video posts....and WON!! (and the crowd goes wild).

Carousel posts came out on top this year, with 62 likes and 5 comments as the norm. Interesting, very INTERESTING...considering Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently announced that Instagram is no longer going to be a  photo-sharing app and that Instagram will lean into entertainment and video after seeing the success of competitors like TikTok and YouTube.

WHAT? I know...we’ll chat more about that in another blog soon or maybe a video???  Topical.

FOLLOWERS: Losing sleep over the number of followers you have? Well, do I have news for you! 

More than 50% of Instagram followers (53.6% in total) have less than 1,000 followers. Smaller Instagram accounts are growing and finding new ways to reach their audiences, and we’re here for it!


The most influential brands: Netflix Brasil (No explanation needed), Anastasia Beverly Hills (Make-up), Givenchy (Clothes), Lamborghini (Cars).

The type of accounts that gain the most engagement: Beauty and Cosmetics. 

The most influential personalities: 60% male and 40% female

Top Tips (That you can easily fit into your current Instagram Strategy):

INSTAGRAM PROFILE: Make sure that your Instagram profile is complete.
What does this mean? 1. Fill out your bio thoroughly with the relevant keywords to your business and 2. Build out your Instagram Stories Highlights and use them as a way to organize your content and make it easily digestible for your audience.

RESPOND: Respond to and interact with your audience.
Making sure you respond to followers’ comments, direct messages, and follows.

BALANCE: It’s all about balance. Try to keep a good balance between different types of content.
Be diverse when it comes to your content by including image posts, video posts, stories and even reels. YES, I know you got all excited about the new-found insight about Carousel posts being #1 BUT that doesn’t mean you cheat the system and only post Carousel posts.

Geeking out on all of these Instagram Engagement insights, and want to delve deeper? Well my good friend, you can! The world is your oyster. You can download the complete Mention x Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report 2021 from our good buddies over at Mention here.

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