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Digital Marketing

Revealed: How to Increase Instagram Engagement 2022

March 10, 2022

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We’re back! (...and we’re bringing the digital engagement report you need right now!)

It’s been a busy start to 2022 for Done By Nine! With new clients, new team members and even MORE new plants – one thing holds true, our commitment to building successful digital marketing deliverables and strategies for our clients.

The digital sphere continues to evolve and as it does we’re keeping on top of emerging trends and the newest market insights to share with you.

With pandemic life becoming the new normal, social media usage has ramped up around the world. The continued growth of Instagram and its engagement is making it a powerful platform for brands and businesses.

The team at Hubspot have pulled together their Instagram Engagement Report for 2022— analysing over 1 million accounts and 110 million posts to bring you the best industry insights, and, once again, we’re hitting our keyboards, armed with coffee, ready to digest the report.

So, let's take a look at our key takeaways…


Influencer marketing has shifted to focus on nano influencers — influencers who have between 1K and 10K followers. Nano-influencers' audiences are small and niche. In turn, their audience is highly engaged in the content that they create. What does this mean for you as a business owner? Partnering with nano influencers to promote your offering will allow you to get in front of a highly targeted audiences and ultimately, this will translate into quality leads for you.


Instagram now offers multiple video formats including IGTV, Stories and Reels, yet we’re still seeing an increase in the use of the carousel post. 

Carousels are the most engaging post type. Today, brands are using the carousel format to tell visual stories and share information. From this, we’re seeing that the physical act of swiping through the carousel is actually much more interactive and engaging than simply watching a video. 


The rise of digital and access to immediate information is changing users' engagement with current affairs. Even if you’re not a news-specific brand, you can still leverage current events in your business. Think about how you can have an opinion or view in this area. Showing an interest in current affairs in your industry can show authority and credibility to your audience.


The most influential brands: National Geographic (@natgeo) Nike (@nike)  Real Madrid (@realmadrid

The type of accounts that gain the most engagement:  By median, Geography is the most followed category this year. This is unsurprising — with ongoing lockdowns and restrictions across the globe, people are missing being able to explore and experience the world through travel.

TOP TIPS: How to boost your Instagram engagement this year


Users will only engage with an authentic brand, so if you're struggling to get across a clear message, establish a voice for your brand that accurately reflects who you are. Ask yourself, who are we, what do we stand for and who are our target audience? Then use that to guide how you communicate with your audience.


Consistency is key. Making sure you post regular, relevant and quality content is important if you want to drive engagement and increase your audience size on Instagram. Most businesses seem to find their sweet spot is around four times a week.  


Make sure your content is engaging. Your audience doesn’t want to see loads of copy crammed into a single image and/or caption. Using carousels not only helps you communicate your message more effectively, but also provides you with a visually appealing and interesting post that will be sure to grab attention.

Wanting to dive in even further? Head on over to our good friends at Hubspot and download the entire report and learn the full ins and outs to Instagram Engagement for 2022 here.

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