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Digital Marketing

Social Media: What To Post When You Don’t Have Anything To Post

February 2, 2021

It’s a common dilemma for business owners, wanting to get some content our on social media but just not knowing what to post!

So today, I’ll share some ideas on what you could post, when you don’t know what to post!


Start by posting something about you! You as the business owner!

Do an ‘About Us’ section, talk about your personal history, where your company has been, where it started and what your journey has been.

People to love to hear stories and abut the people behind the brand! Even add these stories to your Instagram of Facebook story highlights, so that new followers can find more about you and and your business right away!

Search The Archives

Go back through some out your most popular blogs, emails or Facebook posts, then share the same topic or content but deliver it in a different way.

For example, if you had done a Facebook post two months ago that did really well, think about why it did well and how you can deliver it differently and think about how you can deliver it differently.

Could you turn the content into an image, a quote or even deliver the same content in front of the camera?

Go Behind the Scenes

Instead of always just showing a picture of your product and what it does, how about showing a behind the scenes of how your product is made or created!

If you sell an online membership, can you show a demo of what customers will get get once they subscribe ? Show us what goes on behind closed doors!

Share your features!

If you have been lucky enough to have been quoted of featured in some media like someones Facebook post, an Instagram story, a local paper or a podcast. Share it with your followers!

Even use some of the topics and content that you discussed as part of the feature and that use to get more content out!


If your business gets lots of frequently asked questions from customers, simply take the questions and package them up into an FAQ video that you can share.

Or even better, break the video up and share a series of FAQ’s across your social media.

Each video and each question is another piece of content that you know your users WANT to hear, as they keep asking you about it! So record it and deliver it on social media!

Super Fan Testimonials

Another idea is to tap one of your super fans on the shoulder and ask them for a testimonial or review – even better get them to send you a video of their experience with you!

Then try and turn that video into an image, text or podcast content!

Any of the content that we’ve spoken about so far, you can adapt and take that content even further!

If you start with a written piece of content, could you turn it into an image, and then turn that into a video? Theres no reason why one of the ideas that we’ve shared here today can’t be turned into multiple ideas across multiple social networks.

It can seem overwhelming posting content on social media. So I suggest you to think about not only promoting your products and services, but also the people behind the business. Tweaking your mindset about what you can post, will open up a whole new world of social media content!

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