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Digital Marketing

The 3 C's: How to Audit Your Social Media Content

January 26, 2021

Think of your own ‘buying’ journey – what kind of research would you do on a business before you buy their product or service? As a customer, how fast does it take you to make your mind up on a business? Today you’re going to audit your social media presence using a message that I like to use called the ‘3 C’s’. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get into it…

The 3 C's

Start by jumping on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc (which ever social media platform you believe you and your business excels in) and start searching for your business.

Once you land on your page, cast a critical eye over the content and apply the ‘3 C’s’ formula.


When you first land on your page, what messaging or content grabs your attention!

It is abundantly clear what you do (or sell) and the problem that you and your business solve for your customers and clients?

This could be conveyed in your about section, reviews, your cover image, videos and images.

You need to ensure that the content that greets the customer clearly conveys how your product or service will solve your customers problem or answer their query. Here’s come thought starters:

Recruiters – we take care of building your team with exceptional talent


Nutritionists – inspiring small bites towards a healthier family

Finally, check your posts and make sure you’re trialling different media types and asses which style of content is working better. Either use ‘Insights’ of simply cast any eye on what content is and topics encourage higher engagement.


This is two fold – both in the amount of content that you share across your social media, but also how consistent your posts are.

Have a read back through your last months posts and make sure that you’re using the same tone and ‘brand voice’,

Social media is cluttered, so if a follower of your page is exposed to your post on their Facebook feed, we need them to identify immediately to you, your brand and your product. If your posts use different design templates, different colours and different messaging each time it will become confusing to your followers.

Call to Action

Take a look through your ‘call to actions’ across your posts and across the info section in general. Make sure it’s clear what you want people to do.

Are you expecting calls? Emails? Facebook messages? Clicks to your website?

Customers aren’t mind readers, so make your call to actions are clear and they encourage action while teasing what the user should expect when they take thew action (for example, you want them to ‘Click to buy’ or ‘Request a consultation’ or ‘Book online’. )

Bonus C - Courage!

Be honest with yourself. Are you being courageous enough with you content?

Are there any opportunities for you as the business owner, or you staff to appear more in your posts, images or videos? Social media is a place to be social – don’t hide behind your brand, show the real you! The human who makes your brand work!

Remember that people buy from people! Spend some time looking through your content and apply what you’ve learnt above in preparation of sponsoring some of your best posts!

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