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The Inside Story of Our Brand Refresh Journey at Done By Nine

As we all evolve, businesses need to refresh their image, keep up with trends, and ensure they're resonating with their audience.  But rebranding isn't just a switch you flip overnight; it's a journey, a transformation that comes with challenges. On today's podcast, we'll pull back the curtain on our rebranding process at Done By Nine, from the why to the how, and even the important 'should we be doing this?' question.  Whether you're a business looking to revamp your brand or just curious about the process, this is your backstage pass to the ins and outs of rebranding.
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Listen to the podcast or read the edited, short transcript below:

It’s a big day in the world of my marketing company, Done By Nine – as we’ve just launched our rebranded look. 

So I thought it was fitting to look at why we’ve decided to make the change and also look at why companies generally consider rebrands – and what you need to understand before you take the project on.

Why Rebrand in the First Place?

There are a few reasons why a company may decide to undertake a rebrand:

Firstly, imagine your company is like a person. Over time, we all change our styles, interests, and haircuts to keep up with the times and trends.

 That’s the same reason a company may choose to rebrand. 

Your company’s image can become outdated too, and a rebrand is like their makeover to stay relevant.

Companies may target a new group of customers as they evolve, enter a new market, or even offer different services. 

The rebrand is their way of saying, “Hey, this is who we are now”.

As companies innovate and grow, their brand must evolve along with them. A rebrand can reflect these changes and signify that the company is progressing and keeping relevant in a changing industry and market.

In saying this, not all companies SHOULD rebrand, though – as it can become costly and time-consuming, you may be an established business with strong brand recognition already – and a rebrand could confuse the recognition of your brand.

Plus, if you’ve done this before, then reconsider. You shouldn’t rebrand often, as it gives the feeling of a brand being indecisive or unreliable.

Why has Done By Nine Rebranded?

Our core mission is to ensure that we’re a marketing company that moves with industry evolutions. This challenged us to strengthen our collective purpose, mission and values – along with a shift in how we work and deliver the best marketing strategies for our clients. 

Businesses are seeking more clarity with their marketing in an industry often cluttered with noise.

Our vision is to provide businesses with clarity through that clutter – with our industry-leading marketing strategies and creative solutions.

Our new branding more accurately represents the company we’ve grown into over the past three years while also giving a nod to the growth in our history.

Points to Consider before undertaking a Rebrand.

For us, this process started over a year ago as we knew that we needed to shift the trajectory of our company, 

It starts with some fundamental research. I speak about this extensively on my podcast; however, understanding your audience is critical.

Consider their needs, desires, and perceptions of your current brand.

And for us, this process started with interviewing and surveying our current clients, our past clients, unrealised clients and clients that we’d love the opportunity to work with (including some pretty epic New Zealand and Australian brands). 

Alongside this, I’d recommend that you should also research your competitors, market trends, and the overall industry landscape. 

This will help shape your rebranding strategy and ensure it’s based on factual data, not just on gut feeling.

We also undertook a re-evaluation of our Core Values & Mission. We used a specialist who’s also appeared on our podcast. We did this to ensure our rebrand aligns with your core values and mission.

Consistency is a significant consideration. We’ve been in business for three years, which doesn’t seem like a long time; however, when you start to list the assets you have in the marketplace, it’s an amazingly long list of updates required by the whole team.

Don’t overlook this part – ensure that if you’re going to rebrand – do it consistently.

Sure, you may miss a few bits here and there, but checking across all channels and touchpoints is imperative (and takes time!).

Keep existing customers in the loop. A significant change can be jarring for loyal customers.

We’ve included some of our customers in the process – even back to the interviews we conducted a year ago. 

Then the days before the rebrand, we reached out to our clients individually and reassured them, explaining why the change is beneficial, how it affects them and how it still aligns with the brand and the service they’ve grown to trust.

And finally, the execution plan – as a marketing company, we’ve supported many businesses through a rebrand – from just changing their visual identity to an entire change in the business name, colour palette and even service offering. 

Consider how you will launch and communicate the rebrand to your audience.

This podcast and accompanying blog post are the keys to that for us. We’ve recorded a video with the new change and planned our social media schedule, which slowly introduces the brand to our audience while affirming why we’ve taken steps to rebrand in the first place.

So what’s changed with Done By Nine?

Considering everything we’ve just discussed, what ended up changing at Done By Nine? 

As we’ve grown from a single freelancer to a team of highly skilled professionals, we’ve established ourselves in a market where we do our best work and evolve how we work to function at our best for our clients. 

As we move forward toward our company mission – to help businesses focus on strategy, moving you away from random acts of marketing, towards intentional marketing that moves with industry evolutions – how we show up in the market (our branding, our voice, and how we communicate what we do best) was a natural next step in our evolution as a business.  

Looking at your visual identity.

Part of this rebrand for us has also been the introduction of a logo, which can be an essential decision to make and an important part of an overall marketing strategy.

A well-designed logo should be simple; it needs to be memorable and timeless (will it still be effective in 10 years?

Your visual identity needs to be unique and stand out in a crowd – I like to think about sponsoring an event, and your logo stands beside many other symbols – how will yours appear next to all the others? 

Is it relevant to your audience or pertinent to your company or service? Is there a story that works with it?

Our new brand identity is a nod to our beginnings and the mission we’re on as a company. We’ve created an identity that visually communicates who we are, what we do and the journey we’re undertaking with our clients.

Our logomark is made up of two main elements, which represent:

The Beginning – 

This is visually represented by the outer shape of the logomark, forming the cuboid shape of the shipping container, as a nod to our history.

After a year of remote working from cafes, Done By Nine truly found its ‘home’ when we moved into our new head office, a recycled shipping container in the heart of New Plymouth city. Since then, we’ve built a skilled strategic marketing team, gained an international client base, and begun leading some ambitious, industry-leading businesses towards their marketing goals.

Our Core – 

This is visually represented by an inner ‘core’ square within the outward cuboid shape. 

At our core, we focus on strategy first, moving businesses away from random acts of marketing towards intentional marketing. We aim to provide clarity amidst the clutter. 

And for our logo, it wouldn’t be Done By Nine without having a bit of fun along the way. 

So we’ve managed to also sneak in six letters that make up ‘Done By Nine’ within our logomark.

Celebrate the change

We’re using this rebrand as an opportunity to celebrate the growth and evolution of our company. 

Our team, skills, expertise and community of businesses that we’ve worked with are constantly growing – and this rebrand is an opportunity for us to celebrate where we’ve been,  the growth we’ve achieved, and re-focus on our mission for the future.

If you are considering a rebrand, or it’s on the cards soon – the planning should start now.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve supported numerous brands with their re-brand strategy, so if you’re looking for advice and support, head along to our (brand spanking new website)

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