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Digital Marketing

Turning Your Best Content into Campaigns

March 16, 2021

The days of pure organic content is gone. Social media has fast become a pay to play space where advertising is the fastest way for businesses to cut through.

So with that in mind, let’s investigate how we select or create content that’s suitable to used as advertising on Facebook.

We’ll focus on the content of the posts that you believe will do well if they were promoted. But before we get to deep, let’s ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward before you push the ‘order’ button.

Always have a 'Why'

So you’ve got a great idea for a quick Facebook campaign and a budget to spend on it for the week? Firstly, lets strip it right back and work out your ‘why’.

I like to take my content through the following filter:

  • Does the content answer one of your common customer question? Don't try re-invent the wheel here, create an advert based on the feedback and questions that your current clients ask you already
  • Does the copy or image evoke some sort of emotion? For example, if you were an accountant if could be "Doing taxes, commonly referred to as 'the sleep destroyer'"
  • Is it clear what value the customer will receive? Again with the accountant example, "We're the trusted choice with simplifying your taxes" VS simply "We're Trusted".
  • Is it clear what you want the customer to do? Don't make the customer guess - tell them what you want them to do and what they can expect when they click.

Struggling for ideas on ad-copy or visuals? Do some spying and visit Facebook’s Ad Library.  Add in some of your competitors or a larger corporate businesses in the same field and you’ll discover the ads that they are currently running for inspiration!

If you’re low on cash and want to ensure the content will be effective, trial two versions of the advert as organic posts, take the best one and give that a run as a Facebook advert.

If you’re low on cash and want to ensure the content will be effective, trial two versions of the advert as free or ‘organic’ posts. Then take the best one and give that content a run as a Facebook advert.

Struggling for design inspo? Try and use one of their templates

If you can’t afford a photographer, grab some free stock images from It’s a stock image website that don’t look like a stock image website!

Or, simply get brave and create the content yourself with your own camera or phone and one of the most powerful content subjects your business has…YOU!

Try telling a story with the image and accompanying copy – and users will quickly look past the quality.

Remember, despite what ‘internet gurus’ tell you – on-one has the secret sauce on how to master Facebook advertising for your business and your target market. If we did, we’d all be millionaires. You need to trial new ad copy and images, take on feedback and look at your stats and return on investment!

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