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Digital Marketing

Video Marketing: How To Speak To Camera

February 16, 2021

Video is booming and now is the time to join in!

Right now businesses and business owners are getting familiar with the camera. We’re all jumping on Zoom meetings, client webinars.

The more familiar and confident your competitors get in front of the camera, the more likely it is that they’ll start using video to sell their products. If they do this (and you don’t), I think they’ll win!

Quite simply, video marketing is a fantastic and cost effective way to convey who you are, what your brand stands for and how customers can actually buy from you!

As we start to slowly lose more and more face to face contact with our customers, the more video will become popular and powerful for you and your business.

Think about when you walk into a shop. First thing you experience is the shopkeeper welcoming you. Why not have a video welcoming visitors to your website, or a video welcoming people to your Facebook page?

But the question I get often is, how do I speak to camera? How can I come across as a more confident communicator on video?

Grab a camera and let’s start with my top 3 tips…

Script It!

Start getting comfortable with video by using scripts and knowing what you’re going to say.

But please don’t script your videos word for word. You. Don’t. Want. To. Come. Across. As. A. Robot.

Instead, I prefer to use keywords or sentence starters to get me going on the right track! The key here is know how you want to start the sentence and also how you want to end it. Without an ending in mind, you’ll find you’ll keep rambling and rambling until you finally make your point

Speak To A Single Person

When you talk to a camera, the golden rule is to always remember WHO you are talking to. One person, the viewer (and most likely a person in your target market).

Talk to that ONE person.

Use phrases like, ‘how are YOU doing’ instead of ‘how are you ALL doing’. Referring to a group of people will affect your energy in the way that you talk – so always talk to one person.

Even try and picture the person you’re talking to. If you have to, literally place an image behind the camera of a person that you can speak to (sure it’ll look and feel a bit weird, but it’s a great way to trick your mind!). Even better, get a family member to stand directly behind the camera and talk to them!


Of all the tips, this is the most important.

Be yourself.

Make mistakes and laugh at yourself! Don’t strive for perfection every time you get behind the camera, simply strive to get your brands story heard and strive to share more about your business, your brand and your story!

Customers love authenticity and video is a great way to show this! Plus, the more you stand in front of the camera, the more comfortable you’ll start to feel and the more likely you’ll record more!

This week, challenge yourself to shoot a video! Show the people running your business and be authentic!

Share it on Facebook, post it on Instagram and immediately you’ll see why I so strongly believe why video can be such a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

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