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Digital Marketing

Why building an email list is so important in 2022

January 12, 2021

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Are you building an email database of your customers and clients? If not, you need to to be!

I’ve recently been building a new email sign up landing page and overall email strategy for multiple clients and the more I build these strategies, the more it reiterates the importance of building an email data base and having a robust email strategy. Here’s why:

  • Don’t only build a ship on rented land (ie: social media)
  • You’re not held at the mercy of any ‘algorithm’
  • Better return on time investment
  • Humanise your brand and story
  • Email is so much more personal
  • Notify your audience

Don’t only build a ship on rented land

Building a community on a social network is great, however we need to remember we’re building that ship on rented land, if the laws of the land suddenly change – we’ve lost our ship.

Do you remember when you first signed up for a new social media platform and they required an email address? Coincidence?

Building an email database means you’ve got the personal contact details of a number of people who have told you that they want to hear from you.

You’re not held at the mercy of any ‘algorithm’

With an email database, we’re not held at the mercy of an algorithm.

If people aren’t opening your emails, that’s on you and the email content. Is the email subject line and content not strong enough? You can’t blame any algorithm for poor content.

Emails give us an opportunity to learn from the content that our customers and client identify with, depending on email open and click through rates.

Better return on time investment

Email traditionally has a better return on your ‘time’ investment.

Open rates on smaller email lists can be as high as 20% compared with organic Facebook and Instagram posts which can typically be being seen by 1-2% of your overall audience.

It’s frustrating when you put time and effort into a killer social media post and see two of your mates and your next door neighbour are the only ones to like the post.

In contrast, sending that killer content via email is a great way of increasing your contents reach and is a great way to launch new products or remind people to continually visit your website.

Humanise your brand and story

Email is a great way to humanise your brand and share the story of your business business. People love watching others succeed.

Use your email database to share you story as you grow and share the businesses successes with regular email updates.

If you struggle to think of what content to include in your emails, think of what your business has achieved in the last week. Did your business help the community? Did a client or customer see a massive success or win while using your product or service this week? Share those stories and build your brand and eventually these quick wins will help you grow the perception of your brand.

Email is so much more personal

Email is personal. Everyday, we see hundreds of status updates on various social media platforms, so getting your content into someones personal inbox is like gold!

Cut through the clutter with your email database, as your message is sitting in someones personal inbox, which remains a more personal interaction than magically appearing on a Facebook feed.

Audience notifications

Most people use and visit their inbox several times a day and many users also have notifications on their phones for any new emails.

Make the most of this, as it gives us a great opportunity to reach your audience, along with a notification which is a little reminder that you still exist!

The challenge now is creating and sharing content that your audience actually wants to see and read. There’s no point in having an email being sent out and a notification going off on someones phone, only for the person to immediately delete your email based on that fact they didn’t previously enjoy your content.

In summary, it’s pretty clear!

Email is a fantastic way to build your brand, have a more personal connection with your clients and customers, build your brand and share your story!

You need to protect your investment in building your community and keeping regular contact with your community over email both protects this investment and is a great way to beat the algorithm and promote your products and services.

  • How to I build an email database and collect email addresses?
  • Do I need to create an email content calendar?
  • How should I format the emails so that they work best for my product or service?
  • How do I measure the success of my emails?

If you have any of these questions, then let’s talk. I offer affordable email marketing mentor sessions and would love to help shape your email strategy.

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