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Why Online Reviews Are So Important For Your Business & How To Get Them

March 1, 2021

Are online reviews for businesses important?

According to Wikipedia, social proof is defined as “the psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behaviour in a given situation”.

In other words, as humans, we’re all actually sheep.

With todays online behaviour, it’s imperative that your businesses online reputation is the best it can be. Your potential customers and clients are looking for 5 stars, proof that your product or service stands up to your claims and ultimately that others have trusted you, bought from you and love what you do!

If your business tick all those boxes, then you’re golden!

But where can you get online reviews for your business? How do you ask for online reviews? And where should you display your businesses online reviews?

Where Should I Collect Online Business Reviews?

This will slightly differ based on your businesses industry, as there are many industry specific websites. Chances are, you’ll know which ones you and your business need to be on (eg Yelp, if you were a cafe and RateMyAgent for Real Estate agents).

Industry specific review sites aside, we recommend you focus on the 3 big sites: Facebook, Google and your own businesses website (I’ll explain that in a bit).

Facebook Online Business Reviews

As a social media platform, Facebook is the perfect spot for users to ‘Recommend’ your product or service – not only as a way to collect reviews but Facebook also provides some free publicity!

Facebook users (and Facebook) can then easily share their review with friends! This is where the sheep mentality works a treat!

Reviewing Your Business On Google

Google’s up next, more importantly, your Google My Business listing. When users search for your businesses name, having some prime Google real estate displaying those delightful golden stars is ideal.

Your business star rating will also appear on Google local map searches. This means that when people search for your product or service in Google maps, you’ll appear right next to your competitors with your shiny new stars!

Not only does this look eye catching on the Google maps page, it also creates some incredible authority for your business in your niche.

Online Business Review on YOUR Website

Finally, try and collect reviews for your own website. You can add businesses testimonials onto key landing or sales pages. Add online review on your ‘checkout’ page, which may help get a user across the line.

I’d also suggest creating a dedicated page or blog on your website with the title ‘{Your Business Name} Reviews and Testimonials’.

Create some content for the page that talks about you and your business, lists your best online reviews, website testimonials and links to any publications or media articles that have spoken about you and your business.

This idea works two fold as a great page to share your credibility with perspective clients and customers and also to support your Google search presence.

If a customer searches, {your business name} reviews}, guess what’s likely to pop up first?

How Do I Ask For Online Reviews?

Sure, this can feel a bit awkward.

The key here is making your product or service just so damn good, that people will naturally want to leave reviews for you, without even asking! If you create super fans of your business and brand, you’ll also naturally find you’ll start getting reviews. If not, a gentle nudge to a super fan usually does the trick!

Here’s some tips that have worked for my clients businesses to get online reviews in the past:

– Include links and review invitations in your feedback or follow up email or text or even a phone call (or in some industry, your ‘Thank You’ email), inviting users to share their experience.

– When asking for a review, be honest and candid. Treat your customer as the hero that can help propel your business into super stardom! Explain that won’t cost your customer a thing, but as a business it helps you tremendously in growing. If you’ve created a super fan – they’ll do this without question.

How can you share your businesses review link?

On Google, do the following:

– Go to your Google My Business page
– Click the ‘View On Search’ button available from your dashboard
– This will open up a Google Search displaying your Google My Business profile. From here, click ‘Get More Reviews’ and you’ll see a nice tidy link that you can share with your customers.

On Facebook:

Simply link them to your ‘Recommendation’ page:{your-facebook-page-name}/reviews

Video Testimonials and Reviews

If you can, go the EXTRA mile and as super fans for a video review.

This might require a bit more coaching from you and little dash of confidence from the customer, but it provides a much stronger connection between the reviewer and the potential customer.

It’s as simple as asking your customer to pick up their phone, put it in selfie mode and send you the clip talking about your experience. Easy!

Can You Bribe Customers Into Leaving Online Reviews?

Yes and no.

You CAN ask them to leave a review and you’ll reward them with something (10% off next purchase, some merchandise, a donation of a local organisation etc).

You CAN’T ask for a GOOD REVIEW specifically.

So you have to take that risk – but also knowing that’s not really a risk as you’re created a bunch of super fans anyway!

Should I Share My Businesses Online Reviews?

Yes! Think of your businesses reviews as a receipt of the work that you have done for others.

If someone liked your product or service – let other people know!

Plus, it’s great content for your social media. Simply add the review into a simple text design template on, record yourself reading out the review on your mobile and post the video or take a screen shot of the review and SHARE it across your Facebook, Instagram, stories etc.

Extra bonus points if you can get the person to leave a video review (see above)! That’s review GOLD!

Sharing reviews also sets the expectation for future users that you’ll most likely be asked for a review in the future, so it won’t come as a surprise.

Building a online strategy for your business is critical in growing, establishing your brand and cementing your authority in the the marketing place.

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