Auld Brewer Mazengarb McEwen Marketing Case Study

Auld Brewer Mazengarb McEwen is a premium law firm in Taranaki. They’re a high achieving provincial firm, with outstanding clients and a great reputation, but until recently, had a relatively low profile online.


ABMM identified marketing as a soft spot in the firm’s overall operations and wanted to create a solid marketing strategy that would help them build their presence and increase overall awareness of the firm.

The team at ABMM understands the value of expertise; they’ve built their reputation by providing advice only in the areas where they are experts, so, when it came time to review their marketing strategy, they turned to our team of digital marketing specialists at Done By Nine.


Law Firm




When building the marketing strategy for ABMM, we felt it was important to break it down into three phases to ensure we were considered and intentional about our marketing efforts.

ABMM’s clients choose to work with them because of their unique expertise, experience and because of the people they have in their team, so we believed that a strong focus on the people, expertise and services would form the basis of their marketing strategy.

For the first phase, or ‘phase one’, marketing initiatives have been predominantly focussed on building the foundation of the ABMM brand — promoting ABMM as a key player in the Taranaki legal space and the go-to experts in their respective areas of expertise.

When it came to channels, we wanted to make sure that we were not only increasing ABMM’s reach but that we were reaching the right people. Our research identified that LinkedIn would be the key channel for content distribution, as ABMM’s target market are heavy users of the platform.

“ABMM was looking for a Marketing team to assist us to raise our profile in Taranaki, across the social media network. Done By Nine have developed a marketing plan for our social media presence and a style guide about who ABMM are and how we place ourselves in the market. We have seen great results in our reach to our clients and prospective clients. Done By Nine have assisted us to step outside our comfort zone and do video’s for social media and they have given all our external communications a fresh appearance and a consistent look and feel.”

The Key Initiatives:

  • Content creation and distribution — Creating and rolling out high-quality content that accurately reflects ABMM’s brand, generates meaningful engagement with their target audience and drives users to their website.
  • Creating and implementing a new brand identity for ABMM to establish a consistent look and feel across their various digital touchpoints, and guide how the firm conducts itself and interacts online.
  • Creating a brand image library — Given the people of ABMM are the heart and soul of the brand, we felt they should be front and centre when it comes to ABMM’s marketing. Using pictures of the team and the firm, as opposed to generic stock imagery, helps to strengthen ABMM’s approachable and personable brand traits and puts a face to the firm.


Through the successful implementation of ABMM’s marketing strategy, we’ve elevated ABMM’s brand and have increased the amount of activity on social media, which is positively contributing to ABMM’s brand awareness and is helping to raise the profile of ABMM online. In fact, ABMM’s reach has significantly increased, meaning more people are seeing ABMM’s content than pre-implementation.

Crunching the numbers:

  • Organic LinkedIn reach increased by 476%*
  • Organic Facebook reach increased by 215%*
  • Average monthly LinkedIn page views increased by 342% in first month**
  • Website traffic up 34% in first three months***


*Comparing against previous data from the same periods: March-May 2020 (prior to Done By Nine) vs March-May 2021.
**Feb ‘21 vs March ‘21.
***Compared to 3 months prior.

“The results speak for themselves with the increase in our website traffic, organic searches and views. Done By Nine have given us a professional look and approach to our marketing and most of all consistency. We are extremely pleased with the direction we are now going and the continued growth in our profile.”

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