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Case Study: Green Meadows Beef

After six months, online sales were up 167% on the same period 12 months ago

The Beef

Green Meadows Beef is a Taranaki-run meat supplier, running a paddock to plate delivery system of premium quality beef products.

Done By Nine was enlisted with the responsibility of Green Meadows Beef’s traditional marketing, which included endorsements from celebrity chef Michael van de Elzen and working with existing PR agencies, but mostly to focus on driving sales through a robust digital strategy including social ads and email marketing, as well as increase website conversion and boost their SEO rankings.

We use evidence-based strategies in our digital efforts, which means constantly refining and adjusting our approach based on the results different strategies are having. This has certainly been the case with Green Meadows Beef.

We focused on two key areas: Facebook marketing, and using SEO optimisations to improve website traffic.

Facebook Marketing

Optimising websites to rank higher in search engines (like Google) is often a slow burner. But it’s well worth doing, because it increases your visibility to relevant audiences, and it brings in organic traffic, which is cheap, and has good conversion rates.

We undertook a large amount of of background work to gain a better understanding on the keywords that were bringing people to the Green Meadows website. Along with researching their biggest competitors in search, to understand what they were doing and where the best opportunities were to stand out ahead of them.

That helped to inform on-site optimisations, including improving existing pages, adding new content and creating new landing pages, and adjusting and updating key META information to better convince and qualify users to click on the Green Meadows website during their search.

The Results

After six months of working with Green Meadows Beef, online sales were up 167% on the same period 12 months prior, and the number of orders rose 131%. I’ll note that COVID-19 was likely a significant factor in driving this increase, but I’d love for the marketing to be able to take some credit as well!

Some of the biggest gains were in social media, particularly Facebook. Social media traffic rose 415%, and online sales from social media went up 766%. Those gains came at an average cost per sale of $8.64 from Facebook ads.

We created a lot of Facebook content to support online sales instead of just clicking on the website. In total, those pieces of content have now been seen more than 662,600 times in total.

SEO optimisations have seen website traffic rise 25% year-on-year, and transactions from organic search has risen 61%. This is a considerable gain considering it was already an area of focus for the business.

The Reaction

We’ve been really pleasantly surprised by what we’ve been able to achieve with Done By Nine and we’re hitting our sales targets in our online business. There’s a real willingness from them to continue to do better and achieve more.
Jordan is really easy to work with; he wants to get results and he’s really driven to do a good job. He’s in contact all the time, so you know what’s going on, and he’s good at doing what he says he’ll do. We’ll discuss something and I can trust him to implement it.
The hidden benefit with Jordan and Done By Nine is they know how to do a lot of stuff. There’s a lot of add-on stuff on top of his core work like video content and voice over work – they showcases all their skills to get results.

– Nick Carey, Co-Founder and General Manager, Green Meadows Beef

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