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Case Study: Simple Separation

How we achieved a total revenue jump of 744% over 3 months

The Overview, Simple

Simple Separation is an Australian child-centred divorce settlement service helping couples achieve a quick, amicable and legal divorce. It’s run by owner and lawyer Christina Salvo in Melbourne. She started her law firm in June 2020, and Done By Nine was enlisted to support her digital strategy within the first six weeks later.

Christina didn’t like the help she was getting from her original marketing agency. She didn’t feel like she had enough transparency in what they were doing, and was unimpressed by the ROI on her marketing spend.

She wanted to increase her website traffic, improve her conversion rate and grow her business to a point where it can provide a service all over Australia.

The Action

Done By Nine started Christina’s overall marketing approach again from scratch. We agreed that she needed a more targeted approach to getting qualified leads in order to boost her conversion. 

We identified that she was prospecting for a large audience with her Facebook ads, and the traffic that was bringing in was spending very little time on her website. We changed the strategy to use Facebook for remarketing, and building authority and trust in the brand, and focused on bringing customers in through Google Ads. 

We also did a complete website audit and identified a number of pages that either weren’t set up optimally, didn’t satisfy user intentions, or that could be improved. This was part of an overall SEO strategy re-boot, in line with our desire to bring more qualified traffic to the Simple Separation website.

We were constantly monitoring the effect of each little change, and adjusting strategies where we thought they could be done better. This test and adjust approach is really important - it helps to actually understand the impact of what you’re doing, and it helps you to get to know what your ideal audience likes and doesn’t like.

The Results

At the time of writing, Simple Separation has been operating for a little more than four months. I’ve been working with them for around three months. The growth of the business has been rapid; it’s now 12 months ahead of where Christina thought it would be at this stage.

We saw her sales jump 22% in the first month, then another 45% the second month, and another 77% rise in the third month. This month-on-month growth equates to a total revenue jump of 744% from July to October 2020.

Changing from Facebook to a Google Ads focus brought in 54% more traffic to her site in the first month, for an average cost per customer of $8.45. Knowing our approach was working, we made further optimisations the following month and increased her conversion rate by 41%. That dropped her cost per client down to just $4.84. 

Our SEO strategy overhaul has seen the traffic to Christina’s website grow 40% a month on average. We’ve optimised her new releases, products and systems using Hubspot so that her business is automated and she doesn’t have to spend as much time working on getting new clients. Instead, she can focus on ensuring her clients get a good service.

The Reaction

I didn’t feel like I had great transparency with the marketing company I was using before. I just didn’t know what was going on. But with Done By Nine, their communication is awesome - we catch up every week and whatever I feel needs to be prioritised we’re able to deal with. We work together, and that’s something I really value.
The impact has been huge on my business. As soon as we got my Google Ad campaigns right and the website right, it took off. I get leads that convert now. It’s at a point now where Jordan has put in place all the right foundations, and if I wanted to, I could press a button and increase the business.
I couldn't have done it without Jordan’s knowledge and expertise. He’s amazing at his core work, but he also goes above and beyond, and does a lot of work behind the scenes. It’s not just the time I pay him for, he does stuff in the background that really provides value as well. Some people will stop as soon as the time’s up, and he’s not like that.

- Christina Salvo, Founder, Simple Separation

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