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Digital Graphic Design by Nine.

We’re on a mission to create digital design & branding solutions that are impossible for your customers and clients to ignore.

We create brands, creative campaigns and digital experiences that not only look great – BUT stir up something in your customers – be that delight, surprise, joy, intrigue, laughter and so on! Whether you're starting out, looking for a refresh or a repositioning – Let’s build a digital brand presence that gets you noticed.

We’re obsessed with the power of digital design.

How it influences and shapes people’s minds and hearts. How it creates awareness, builds loyalty and attracts customers. How it empowers you as a business owner. The aesthetics (OH the aesthetics!), the imagery, the beauty, the joy!

It’s an obsession and it all contributes to creating successful businesses.

Establish yourself as a top competitor in your industry with meaningful digital branding that speaks to your audience.

We’ve got your back when it comes to anything Digital Design Services, this includes:

+ Discovery (Research)

+ Brand audit

+ Workshops

+ Competitive analysis

+ Brand Identity

+ Brand Voice, Tone and Manner

+ Brand Strategy

+ Brand Guidelines

+ Logos

+ Iconography

+ Illustrations

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How can I be sure I’ll like what you design?

We make sure your involved in the process every step of the way! Our digital design & branding projects involve a lot of communication and feedback to ensure that we get it right.

We’ll establish your brand's identity, ethos, values, personality, history, goals, audience, competitors, and more. From here we can get an idea of 'who you are' in order to creating digital design & branding solutions that fit YOUR brand.

We discuss ideation, notes and have in-depth conversations with you, along with revision meetings for visual mock-ups to get your feedback before anything is designed.

This not only set parameters and guides the design process, but it keeps you up-to-date with the status of your designs. Since you’re involved in the entire process, you can be confident your brand identity will be something you love.

What if I already have branding, but I want you to deliver a new touch-point?

If you're already happy with your current brand presence that's great! We'll happily use your current brand's stylescape, including your fonts, colours and further guidelines to ensure that the future touch-points and deliverables that we help you with match your current branding.

What I want to start designing some touch-points myself?

EPIC! It's awesome that you want to get stuck in and do it yourself! We can help you by giving you the tools to do this effectively and make sure that you don't stray from the branding you currently have, because consistency is KEY!

We create on-brand templates for you that are all ready to go! All you need to do is add the content. Easy!

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