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Amplify your teams digital skills.

Give your team the tools and knowledge to upskill, execute, and build new digital strategies.

Capability Training

Better marketing, together.

Empower your team with the skills they need to be effective communicators in a digital world.

Our workshops and training are ideal for exceptional businesses who are excited to learn and eager to grow and scale their business through proven digital marketing strategies.

You are busy growing your business, meeting with clients and customers, managing sales, books and inventory and juggling staff requirements. Committing to a marketing strategy can take the back seat, but it’s crucial to business growth.

Our workshops
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Done By Nine has presented digital strategy workshops with TechWeek NZ.
Done By Nine is a Digital Boost ambassador
Done By Nine has delivered workshops to Stratford Business Association members.

Digital Capability Modules.

Work through all our workshop topics, or mix and match to fit with your teams digital objectives.

Understanding SEO Fundamentals

In this topic we cover the fundamental elements to a robust and easily Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. This includes On-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-Page SEO. Once you understand how SEO works, we’ll focus on ways to improve your search rankings and the quantity and quality of leads to your website, and any content updates that are required.

Advanced Data-driven Social Advertising

Learn how to effectively use Facebook and other social media channels to drive awareness, traffic, leads, and conversions. During this topic we pinpoint your audience based on habits, interests, life events and location - to ensure that we send them targeted adverts. We then optimise your advertising budget for the highest return on investment using our dedicated campaign structure and design and craft social media ad campaigns that stand out in often cluttered newsfeeds.

Social Media Kingpins

Learn which social channels are best for what, and how to build your brand’s social following. You’ll learn how to build a social media strategy that everyone in your organisation can get behind. We’ll also cover productivity tips for best-practice time management in the realm of social media, and recommendations for tools that can be used to reduce time spent on tasks.

Google Analytics Basics

In this topic we'll explore the Google Analytics platform and how it works, and the areas that you need to have a basic understanding in. You’ll learn how to confidently navigate the platform and better interpret the data. You'll discover how to set up filters and goals and look at the best practices for setting up a well-structured Google Analytics account for your business. We'll also give you and overview on understanding common analytic terms so you can communicate your metrics more clearly to the rest of your team.

Understanding Google Ads

Learn the fundamentals of Google Ads, from how Ads advertising works, to structuring an account, to keyword research, as well as measuring and optimising your accounts. During this topic we'll learn when and why to use Ads as well as looking at how to set up and launch a successful campaign. We'll give you an understanding on who to perform keyword analysis and look at copywriting best practices specific to Ads, campaigns and ad-sets. We'll then show you the best way to manage and continue to optimise your ads into the future.

Google Ads Advanced Deep Dive

Once you've learnt the basics in our 'Google Analytic Basics' course, we'll then take a deeper dive into the platform and look at advanced ways to set out your account, from setting goals and click events to importing Google Ad and Google Search Console data into the platform to give you a better overall picture of your overall account.

Optimising For Conversions

Conversions are key! In this topic we learn how to transform your digital advertising and online community into customers that then go on to assist your brand in building trust and referrals. We take you through a term called “Pirate Metrics”, and show you how it applies to your brand. You'll gain an understanding on how to nurture supporters through the conversion cycle, and you'll soon know which messages you need to send them along the way to build trust, authority and ultimately lead them to the sale. We'll also sped some time writing copy and calls-to-action that helps increase conversion and look at how to use the data that you already have to improve your conversion process for better results.

Automate Your Marketing

Understand the key types of email marketing automation, and learn how to build a plan on how to improve your current email engagement with customers. We'll explore tools and the different  options available to build and integrate communication streams. We'll also understand and identify the different automation streams you can develop and discover the full potential of automation beyond email.

Two workshop styles to suit your teams style and budget.

Take the digital capabilities of your business to the next level  with one of our workshops.


We offer a variety of group workshop sessions on a variety of in-depth topics. All our workshops are intended for businesses owners to walk away with valuable skills in a variety of digital marketing areas (Local Search Engine Optimisations, Paid Media Campaigns, cresting a Digital Marketing Strategy etc). All our workshops are small group workshops with a maximum of 10 participants.

Group workshop setting (public or in-house)

Set workshop time and dates

Variety of topics available

Most affordable option per person

Chat and email support

Business Workshops

This one-on-one strategy course is for business owners or teams who acknowledge that having a stable digital marketing strategy is important to business growth. Businesses should be eager to try new marketing tactics online to plan their digital future and require assistance and coaching to help brainstorm solutions to their problems, plan for their businesses future and work towards a robust online marketing strategy.

1-on-1 full-day workshop

Flexible time and date

Customised to suit your challenges

Personal marketing action plan

Chat and email support

Done By Nine works with Nick Carey from Green Meadows Beef

“Done By Nine wants to get results and they are really driven to do a good job. We’re now hitting our sales targets in our online business”

Nick Carey
Co-Founder and General Manager
Done By Nine works with Christina Salvo from Simple Separation

“The impact has been huge on my business. Done By Nine has put in place all the right foundations, and if I wanted to, I could press a button and increase the business revenue."

Christina Salvo

Accelerate your business to excel in digital, faster.

Earn more revenue, better customers and freedom with no jargon, secrets or surprises.

Accelerate your business to excel in digital, faster

Earn more revenue, better customers and freedom with no jargon, secrets or surprises