Grow your business with a true digital marketing strategy.

Increase online visibility, boost revenue and reclaim business productivity through exceptional digital marketing strategies and solutions.

Digital marketing STRATEGY

Uniquely built just for your business.

We’re a team of digital marketers, brand professionals and digital experts who work collaboratively to create a marketing strategy to define and meet your marketing goals. 


What makes up a Done By Nine digital marketing strategy?

Your new custom built strategy, becomes your business’s new marketing north star.  

It starts by breaking it all down into 4 key phases, which when pieced back together, gives your marketing clarity and direction ~ which leads to greater control and success. 

Book a Free Discovery call with our team, spend 20 minutes with us, and we’re confident you’ll walk away with a clearer picture of your marketing bottlenecks and how we will fix them.

Phase One: Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will be developed based on insights we gather from your team and analysis conducted by ours.

Phase Two: Idea Incubator

In addition to your strategy, we’ll provide you with the ideas we’ve had as a team aimed to bring your strategy to life.

Phase Three: Monthly Marketing Plan

With the strategy as our northern star, we’ll begin blending the tactics that will move you toward your marketing goals.

The monthly marketing plan will reflect the impact you want to make, the budget you have, and the resources available to make it happen.

Phase Four: Marketing Implementation

This is where your marketing strategy comes alive! We’ll get in front of your audience with charismatic branding, creative imagery, and clever copy. 

With the right marketing tactics in the right place at the right time, we’ll put you in a solid position to capture your customers and attract future leads.

case study

"They act as a virtual 'Chief of Marketing Officer'. From strategy to implementation they handle the whole works for us."

– Micheal Welten, Business Development Manager, LawHub Christchurch

Our digital marketing expertise.

Armed with your new marketing strategy, goals and KPIs, we build a marketing implementation plan and implement it in-house. 

With our unique, agile pricing model – you’ll only pay for the expertise you require each month. And you’ll always have your marketing strategy on track thanks to our specialised team.

SEM/PPC Marketing

We combine winning creative with expert campaign management and structure across Google Search, Performance Max, Google Display and YouTube campaigns.

Digital Graphic Design

‍We create brands, creative campaigns and digital experiences that not only look great – BUT stir up something in your customers – be that delight, surprise, joy, intrigue or laughter and so on.‍

Content Marketing

We create timely and relevant content. We really get to know your brand and tell your unique story.


Keep your customer acquisition costs low. We create top-ranking content that targets your specific niche audience with high-quality traffic.

Social Ads

We create scroll-stopping and authentic content that delivers true value to your audience and moves them through the funnel in that manner.

Email Marketing

Connect with your ideal customer, right in their inbox, through a  segmented, automated and personalised email marketing strategy.

“Done By Nine wants to get results and they are really driven to do a good job. We’re now hitting our sales targets in our online business”


Nick Carey
Co-Founder and General Manager

Who we work with...

Join 100+ businesses who have worked with us or attended our workshops.

Who we work with...

Join 100+ businesses who have worked with us or attended our workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We work in a unique ‘Agile Pricing’ model. Within this model, our clients choose the price they want to allocate to marketing each month, and we build a blend of marketing tactics around this, taking into consideration what the data and market insights are telling us at the time. With standard pricing models, contracts stipulating the deliverables over the coming months are locked in (giving little room to adapt as your market moves) and as priorities inevitably shift, contracts must be renegotiated, meanwhile marketing momentum slows. Our agile approach reflects our philosophy that marketing should be flexible, and that expecting (and embracing) the unexpected in this ever-changing world is needed as we adapt to shifts in our customers’ purchasing motivations – and our pricing model is built to support this reality.

We are members of both the Google Partnership Program and the Hubspot Partner Program. The Google Partners program is designed for advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals who qualify based on the spend they manage, their qualifications and ad quality scores. It allows these partners certifications, exclusive training sessions, industry research and further benefits.

We do! We have our very own specialised digital design team in-house. They work closely with our campaign strategists to develop tailored creative that not only matches your brand identity, but also converts your leads.

Transparency is KEY! We give our clients full access to their ad accounts and analytics so that they can access it at any given time. Plus as part of your monthly Marketing Plan, you’ll have a clear picture on the goals that you need to track – and we’ll track them for you.

We provide a full summary of how your marketing plan is performing which allows us to adjust and pivot if needed.

We make sure your involved in the process every step of the way! Our digital design & branding projects involve a lot of communication and feedback to ensure that we get it right.

During your marketing strategy, we’ll establish your brand’s identity, ethos, values, personality, history, goals, audience, competitors, and more. From here we can get an idea of ‘who you are’ in order to creating digital design & branding solutions that fit YOUR brand.